Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shetland Collection: Starting at the top...

Because I have no imagination and don't want to have to reinvent the wheel, I decided to start with a few TNT patterns.  I'm trying to wear more blouses as I'm getting tired of knit tops that look the same, so I've started with a blouse that already exists in my wardrobe in about seven different versions.  This is BWOF 01-2008-107 or 108 or something.  I like this without the collar (which I think is #107). 
It's been a little hard to photograph this because of the fabric.  I don't actually know what it is, but I suspect it may be a raw silk of some sort.  It feels like a light, soft taffeta but doesn't have any shimmer in it, although the last photo seems to look that way.  I acquired this fabric some years ago, along with several other colours, from a film shoot.  Back when I had an actual career (Production Manager - film and television) it was my job to dispose of all the left over stuff at the end of a shoot.  

I have always loved this fabric and never knew what to do with it.  None of these pictures give a true portrayal of the colour.  It's a soft dusty pink.  I had so little fabric that I had to cut the inside collar and the placket binding strips from this paisley, which you will see below.

It's not a very exciting shirt, but I like it and I had to start somewhere!
Next up is something new.  This is BWOF 05-2013-106 and while I could sew the previous blouse in my sleep, this one was a different story.  Burda's instructions are woeful, as usual, and the pictures don't give a clear enough look at it to figure out the neckline.  No one in the blogosphere seems to have made it so there was no help available.  Anyway, I forged ahead with the construction in the hope it would become clear.  It didn't, but I think I've fudged it well enough.
The collar doesn't actually attach, it wraps around your neck then snaps onto the collar on one side, then the end gets tucked under and snaps to itself.  The fabric is a cotton/silk paisley in lavenders, pinks and greys.  I apologise for the bad pictures but I think my camera is on its last legs.

Next up... a skirt...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Reintroducing myself...

It's been a while - remember me??  It's been a busy year and a bit since my last post.

I'd like to thank Sheila and Faye for checking in on me! All is well.  I've been busy renovating a house, building another and working.  On top of that I managed three overseas trips and am leaving on another this coming week.

I have been sewing, not much, but some.  I haven't blogged any of it, but there are a few things I will show off in time.

For now I would like to introduce a travel wardrobe I am working on for a month long trip to Shetland this Christmas.  So far I have only been there in summer and as I live in the subtropics my wardrobe isn't that well equipped.

The wardrobe was inspired by this cardigan, a gift sent to me from Nepal.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  It is the softest, lightest cashmere I have ever felt.

So I collected some paint charts and pulled a page from a magazine.

Then I pulled some fabric from my stash

And the Shetland Collection was born.
I have a fair idea of what I want to make, mainly skirts, tops and leggings.  I have jeans already, including a purple pair from a SWAP a few years ago.  There are other fabrics in my stash that co-ordinate and will take this in a different direction, but for the purposes of a travel wardrobe I will stick to the palette of dusty pink, dusty lavender, grey, black and cream.  Not included in this fabrics above is a charcoal wool that will become a new overcoat.
So in an attempt to kick start my collection, I made this. 

This is BWOF 03-10-126 that I last made in in 2010 here . It looks way better on a person than on Vera.  This is a slightly fuzzy knit somewhere between a jersey and a ponte weight with a soft underside.  I still wear the original red and white stripe, in fact it's been worn on about 10 international flights since I made it.  Perfect weight, looks good over leggings and holds up on even the longest of long haul flights.
More soon...



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Emergency sewing ...

Despite eating constantly, consuming large quantities of wine and not going to the gym for six weeks, I am still too skinny for the few clothes I have with me. With the weather cooling and no immediate arrival of my belongings from Hobart, I needed some clothes.

I started with this one which is an amalgam of BWOF 02-13-127 top and BWOF 02-13-128 dress without the ruffle down the front. I made the 36.  The fabric is a cheap poly knit I bought the other day for $6 a metre at Spotlight.  Now, I know I've not had many good things to say about Spotlight in Hobart, but let me tell you that Spotlight Lismore is a whole nother story! This is more purple than it appears in this shot and there is a single row of brown that I've placed at empire line for effect.

Also made from another $6 a metre poly knit is this version of V8825.  I chopped about 8 inches off so it's only a little longer than the tunic version.  When I read the reviews on Pattern Review, someone (sorry don't recall who) mentioned they thought this dress had a 70's vibe and I agree.  I thought this fabric had a 70's vibe, too, so I combined them.  I thought a 70's dress needed to be suitably short as well.  I can't tell you how much I love this dress! I can't wait to wear it.

Now that I seem to be getting  back to the real world, I may just have to tell the tale of my return home, complete with sewing pictures!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm still alive ...

Just when you thought I'd disappeared off the face of the earth ...

I'm back with an emergency version of Vogue 1020 which is probably long OOP.  I've come home with very little clothing, most of which doesn't fit. The rest is still in Hobart.  I needed a dress to wear and I thought making this in a cotton lycra would fit, but it was still baggy.  I need to put some weight on!

I hope to be back to regular sewing soon.  It's been a hectic three months!

More later ...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Potential SWAP addition

I've been a bit stuck with what to sew next as I can't find the fabric I want.  I saw it when I didn't want it and now I can't find it but then with only ONE fabric store in Tasmania, what else can I expect.  If anyone sees matte gold or champagne sequin fabric please let me know.  Even a bronze would work.

These shorts are a real TNT. It's the Burda Ruby shorts that I downloaded free many years ago, pre blog days, in fact.  The fabric is the same.  It's a lovely soft stretch sateen that is leftover from a dress I made to wear to a wedding many years ago.  As I've been slowly packing I keep coming across things that might work for my SWAP, so this keeps with my stashbusting challenge.  The buttons and thread were from stash, too, so these are free.

The mirror shots are a little dark but they do fit me, despite the odd wrinkles.  It's hard to photograph yourself in a mirror.

Here they are on the floor and below you can see the cute little bound pocket on the front.  This pocket is the perfect size for an ipod or mobile phone, so these make great walking shorts for me.

 Whenever I make these shorts for some reason I always make the button facings and pocket bags a contrast colour.
I don't love the buttons, but I have lots of them in stash and I know I'll stop noticing them soon.

I managed to find a lovely piece of chocolate silk chiffon at a very reasonable price.  Some moron working in Spotlight had clearly mislabelled it but I wasn't going to point it out to them.  I want to make a top to go with these shorts as well as the snake print pants from last time.

If these shorts make it into my SWAP that means I'm five garments down and six to go.  With my move date uncertain, I may find it hard to finish this year but I'm going to persist until the day I drive away from here.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Escape is at hand for the travelling man ...

I've been listening to a lot of the Tragically Hip this week and it's flavoured my mood tonight.

Two weeks ago when I started these jeans I had a plan, not just for my pants, but for my life.  My world has been altered in the past 14 days for reasons that I may share in the coming weeks.  I've had to delay my return home by a few weeks and that comes with mixed feelings.  But back to the jeans ...

These started life as BWOF 05-11-116 skinny jeans, which I made recently in red.  As I mentioned last time, I frankenpatterned the pockets of Burda Anita jeans onto this pattern and this time I also frankenpatterned the crotch curve from my best fitting RTW jeans (Levis Bold Curve).  I took the back seam in by about an inch, but that could be because this sateen is a little stretchier than the one I used last time.

I am quite happy with the fit, although these pictures make me look FAT. These pants are a nice addition to my SWAP.  The pictures aren't great but at least they are on a body.  I'll make sure I get someone to take better shots when SWAP is done.

I don't know what I'm making next, I have a few bits of fabric hanging around as possible SWAP additions that will also contribute to my stashbusting.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sewing and packing ...

Now that I my tenure in Tasmania can be counted in weeks, this long weekend (Hobart gets two more public holidays to NSW) is divided between sewing and packing.  I took a couple of hours out this morning to take Molly down to the waterfront and have a look at the Wooden Boat Festival, but the rest of the weekend has been spent in the house.  Between the horrendous smoke from the fires and the unbelievable wind, it's way more comfortable inside, anyway.  I struggle with static electricity in Hobart at the best of times, but today every bit of thread, dog hair and other assorted flotsam and jetsam are all stuck to me and my sewing.

First of all I finished up this pair of high-waisted skinny, slouchy pants.   Sorry about the crappy mirror shots but I am too lazy and too busy to waste time messing with a tripod.  You'll have to wait for the SWAP shots now! These are BWOF 03-11-119 and are made from the same fabric as the skirt from last week.  The line drawing makes them look more slim than they are but the pictures from the magazine and this one from the website shows that they really are a little more slouchy.  I hated them at first, but I actually quite like them now.

Next up I made this top, which is BWOF 05-10-129.  I love, love, love this top way more than I had expected.  I first made this here and I loved the first version but I felt it could use a few alterations.  I lengthened the bodice by 2.5cm and I lengthened the peplum by a further 2.5cm.  I left the patch pockets off because I hate them and I think the top still works without them.

This is a close up of the fabric that may not show in the other photo.  It's a slightly textured linen with a gold sheen on some of the threads.  This is a record for me; I bought a piece of fabric and sewed it almost immediately!  It was from Spotlight, ironically.  Have I mentioned that the only fabric shop in the WHOLE OF TASMANIA is Spotlight??
I am rather fond of this fabric, even though I usually dislike wearing linen.  Of course, this top also has one of my mistake design feature mirror image labels.

I even managed a passable mirror shot of the top with the skirt from last week.

Back to packing while I decide what to sew next.  I have some animal print ...